Objective: Final conference.


August 16, 2016 – Milan Brazil-Nigeria 86-69 Victory over Nigeria kept alive their hopes of qualifying Brazil for a few more hours. But it was all an illusion. With Argentina’s defeat against Spain came the official elimination of the hosts of the Olympic tournament. A nothing serves good choral proof of coach Ruben Magnano team, in which stand the performance of Nene (19 points), Huertas (double double of 12 points and 11 assists) and, from the bench, Benite (15).

Nothing to do for Nigeria and for the usual Akognon that with 16 points on the scoresheet, it is once again the best of her. Two physical teams, who prefer the race. One, however, the type of game with which it is especially Nigeria to be at ease. The muscular painted in the clash between Aminu and Nene’ll quickly share. the two long to open the scoring just are.

For the Africans, more responsive, just a simple +5 to call her by coach Magnano, that does not seem like too much balance in the first 10 minutes of the score (16-15 Nigeria). The first mini break of Brazil comes just before the break when the siren along the bench enters a Benite decided to give the right shock to his companions: his 7 points drag the Cariocas in a 11-3 break that allows you to go in the locker room +11.

In the second half the advantage expands up to +13 but Nigerians have no intention of losing the wake of the match. Umeh, Ere Akognon and push up to -4 at the opening of the 4th period (61-57). The escape of Brazil is, however, only postponed: the partial decisive to life by Huertas and Nene points, nailing the crushed New +12 to 4’52 “from the end. On the rest of us think a couple of triple Benite definitely that open the way for Brazilian +17 on the final buzzer, the last of their Olympics.

Brazil: 19 Nene, Benite 15, Garcia 13 Nigeria: Akognon 16, Uzoh 15, Aminu 10 Rio, basketball: Kevin Durant, “Argentina? Physical and entertaining game” Croatia-Lithuania 90-81 Strepitosa performance of Croatia crushing Lithuania in the first three quarters of the 1xbet live online match and, with ultimate success, took first place in the group B. the team of coach Petrovic is a magical evening at 3 shooting, closing the 3rd period with 82%.

The averages are lowered only in the last 10 ‘when the Baltic fail in part to get back on top. Awaiting Kalnietis (consecrated by this Olympiad), Valanciunas and friends, who end their preliminary phase in 3rd place, is Australia. Lithuania wants to rebuild after the bad impression made against Spain.

The beginning is the best. Seibutis and Jankunas seem to be hot since the early minutes, thanks to them the Baltic manage to slip a 11-0 break that leads them on +8 (21-13). But the offensive fluidity, along with double defensive gate effect formed by Valanciunas-Sabonis, fade in the 2nd period. To take advantage of it is that Croatia is in the pairing of Babic Saric and the secret partial 16-6 that pulling them back Lithuanians.

On 2 Hezonja triple, at the end of the 1st time, it is +6 Croatia (47-41). The 3rd period is a masterpiece for boys Petrovic: 82% from the line of 6 meters and 75 is the icing on the cake of a fraction won 28 to 14. Bogdanovic and Simon warm, Saric continues to take advantage of it of poor Kuzminskas (physically dominated). In a moment the Croatian touch the maximum advantage of +21 (74-53).

Lithuania seeks Valanciunas Centrone but the Raptors are not, for the umpteenth time in the evening. The only believe it is Kalnietis. Just play by Olimpia Milano was born on 11-2 which reports its up to -7. When, however, it is too late …

Croatia: Bogdanovic 22, Simon 19, Saric 18 Lithuania: Kalnietis 26, Jankunas 18, 13 Valanciunas quarterfinals Pair Wednesday, August 17: Australia-Lithuania (16 hours); Croatia-Serbia (19.30); Spain-France (23:45). In the night between Wednesday and Thursday 18, the US-Argentina (15.3 hours). Andrea Grazioli  @ andreagrazio85

September 26, 2016 – Milan Ok, missing a month the Opening Night. True, only three teams have officially inaugurated the 2016-17 and all the others will do so today, with media day (anything to go by, live, on our website). Of course, we only market to post a chat, before they have even seen getting a jump ball in the preseason. But in the air there is the taste of the new NBA season.

And then it’s time for the first #NBAGazzaRanking, to try to imagine the beginning of the 2016-17 power relations. As usual, you can have your say by commenting or tweeting with the hashtag #NBAGazzaRanking. During the regular will be updated every week: the next rankings come out Monday, October 24, trying to find something more during the preseason … Kevin Garnett just says its 10 best moves 1- GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS.

If the team that won 73 games and incredibly lost the Finals only race-7 add Kevin Durant, one of the five best players in circulation, get what on paper is the strongest team of all. On paper, of course … Objective: Win. Glad though: if they win the title. 2- CLEVELAND CAVALIERS.

LeBron has broken the curse, but now chasing Jordan needs to win again. expert team, with the exceptional talent of Irving that promises to take the regular season. Waiting for JR Smith, they are already the strongest of all in the East. For an encore, however …

Objective: win back. Glad though: LeBron crazy even Cleveland. 3- SAN ANTONIO SPURS. Popovich will have to deal with it, and allocate to other slices of carrot cake left out of Duncan’s room. But the new Spurs built on the tried-axis Leonard Aldridge and Gasol on the new arrival, are still a super power.

Oklahoma City Thunder, the top 10 last season Objective: Title. Glad though: they arrive in the final conference of 4- BOSTON Celtics. Stevens is one of the five best coaches around, Horford a very talented man team. And the group is running, especially if some as young as Smart finally grows. The Celtics seem to come back in the nobility.

Objective: Finale East. Glad if: They sweat in the final in East Cleveland. 5- LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS. Last race (probably) for Paul, Griffin and Jordan: for one reason or another, in the climax they never arrived safe. Knowing that he could not be more wrong could allow them to make the final leap.

Objective: Title (but do not say). Glad though: debunk the conference finals taboo. 6- TORONTO RAPTORS. After last year’s Team Canada wants to confirm the second force of the conference after Cleveland.

But competition has increased, the value of the Raptors on the other hand has not grown much. But if Lowry and DeRozan are repeated … Objective: To be the second force in the East. Glad though: back in the conference finals. 7- Indiana Pacers.

The queen of the summer, with Teague to improve the direction and Paul George who has already said he wants to take the throne of James. Overcoming Cleveland is impossible, but Indiana has the credentials to take second place in the conference. The new McMillan Pacers are to be discovered. Objective: Final conference.

Glad though: make their way in the playoffs. 8- PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS. The team of miracles last year has reinforced: Turner brings experience and versatility, Ezeli physical strength under the basket (if he can stay healthy). Everything will go back by the talent of Lillard and by confirmation of McCollum.

Potentially … Objective: Playoffs with field advantage. Glad though: come to the 2nd round. 8- MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES.

Injuries permitting (and it is very big), Memphis is racing, with the addition of phosphorus Parsons Conley, the class of Gasol and Randolph the muscles. Coach Fizdale seems the right man to bring out the grit and grind. Objective: Final conference. Glad though: they arrive in the final conference of 10- UTAH JAZZ.

Last year lacked a director to be safe from the playoffs. The summer brought George Hill and the experience of Boris Diaw (if they did not leave his famous coffee machine to the Grand Canyon) and Joe Johnson, useful for growing the talented group of Snyder. Objective: Playoffs. Glad though: they arrive to the playoffs with no sweat.

11- DALLAS MAVERICKS. Summer Revolution taking advantage of Barnes balances (which has already impressed Nowitzki) and Bogut to the Warriors market. Interestingly Quintet, reviewable bench. Objective: Playoffs. Glad though: get to the playoffs without suffering 12- OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER.

Westbrook will forget Durant with a season mvp.

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